Tech innovations that will storm the world

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As we have outline before predicting the future requires  presumption, and in our last article we discuss the technologies of the future and the tech trend, to predict the future on tech trend you have to stay up-to date. Today the disruptive innovation rely on existing infrastructure to create the best innovation with more feature on the top tech innovation we will discuss today also involved in IoT.
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Look out for the top tech innovation that will storm the world

1.IoT or BIoT
You must wonder why we also include the IoT, the (IoT) Internet of Things is one of the fastest growing technology in the world today or let me use the word hyper-connected world because everything in the universe is connected. But you shouldn't underestimate the growth of the IoT.

(BIoT) Blockchain, this is also one of the fast growing technology in the world of tech which include the fastest growing crytocurrenccy such as bitcoin and ethreum, this cryptocurrency can make IoT device more useful which create a digital record across thousands of computers.

If BIoT is combine with IoT, it will give way for new service and businesses. BIoT can create smart cities in which connected heating systems better controls energy use and connected traffic lights better manage in rush hour and also used to track shipment.

Companies and businesses will connect to different databases and computer service with the help of software and program interface. when combines with BIoT it will be easy to get data from the sensor in a warehouse and will be able to track real-time data from sensors embedded on products and goods to avoid loses of products, the companies and consumers can ensure that their data on Blockchain cannot be compromise.

2.The time of the bots
The time of bots is here, chatbot is growing so fast, companies like chatfuel, manychat use this bot to manage and serve their customer using messenger for business, you need a chatbot. Most times we have gotten use to speaking to bot without you knowing like whenever you want to make a phone call, using the ATM etc all this and many more are all bot as far as even airline reservation though I haven't yet, the use of bot will expand and go wide from the automated customer service to become our routine for daily living.

Bots will do more that just answering to respond as the way it is automated, it will provide timely information, such as "it is time to go work," just imagine a bot whispering to your ear "it time for your medicine," bots will also help in financial investment advisor we help to measure risk. chatbot will be double with more feature that before in the upcoming year to better server their customer.

3.Augmented Reality goes mainstream (AR)
The Augmented Reality, this is the most interesting for most people. This can help to overlay information about anything when place at a point, computer bring content on real word, the Augmented Reality can be able to tell you local weather information and the date of construction of a building this is done by an app on your smartphone.

The Augmented Reality glasses, our phones will remain in our pockets and Heads Up Displays (HUD) it will improve how we shop, work, and play.

Just imagine the Augmented Reality sunglasses. Have a HUD at one edge why working down the street it show every information on what you stare at, like translated sign into English, the HUD is best know to be like a map as an instrument gauges that fighter pilot monitor on their wind-shields.

The Augmented Reality can also be use in sports stadiums for players Imagine watching a live football match in the stadium or your TV and seeing personalised stars floating above the fantasy sports players you follow just like your PES sport game, excitement of life-size boxing matches into your living room.

4.The Financial Technology (fintech)
The mobile payment has changes it financial market, mobile payment will very high in volume every year all aspect of payment chain are open to disruption with the Blockchain. Even 2018 biometrics such as facial recognition, voice ID, and fingerprints will help to make shopping far quicker and easier, and quitting the need to swipe a credit card at the checkout or using the POS, Instead of swiping your card at checkout you will be able to verify your identity for a merchant scanning your eyes with your smartphone, in what’s known as a retinal payment.

Blockchain will now be accepted by banks paying with cryptocurrencies as the financial institutions will start treating cryptocurrencies and other digital assets similar to flat currencies with more efficient payment systems, loan processing, and credit instruments.

Bitcoin Mining today’s required more electricity annually than the amount use before. with the cryptocurrency carbon footprint growing fast, the quantum computing has the potential to greatly reduce the electricity consumed by all the current computers processing bitcoin.

As they say everything doesn't come in a rush, but I believe this top tech innovation will be place in accordance it may be delay but it will still be, it is time for consumer to adapt to a new change. The future will be very much different from now, ask you self this question, "what will your future self say about your choice today?" see you  in our next article share this article and don't forget to subscribe to get the latest update!.