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How to connect your flash drive with your smartphone

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Have you ever wonder connecting your phone to a USB flash drive, or are you using a flash drive to minimize your phone storage or you just want to watch a movie which you download from your computer to your USB flash drive if that; we show you how – because of that what we are discussing today.

Android smartphone is becoming so advanced over the years and its amazing how android device now support external storage device. This feature is only available for the new android version, but if you are still using any old version, we can help you out.

First, you have to get an OTG cable which means (ON THE GO). Every heard about this before, you can see for yourself that your phone does not have a USB port to connect the flash drive to your phone. So we are using an OTG cable.

The OTG is a small short cable that has a MICRO USB port at one end and a charging port at the other end of the cable. You can get the OTG cable at Amazon click here to buy from Amazon.

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As we said before this may not work for all Android device because this feature is only available with the new android phone that supports OTG, before you buy the OTG cable search about your phone or check your package, check your phone pack to know if the device support OTG or not. Once you have bought the OTG cable plug the one with the charging port on your android device or tablet and connect the USB flash drive on the USB port. You can also use this cable to connected other USB devices such as a keyboard, mouse even gamepad that supports USB. The USB drive should be formatted with the FAT32 file system or the exFAT file system for maximum compatibility.

If your device is not formatted with this FAT32 or exFAT system, you will be able to format it after connecting it to your android device or tablet. For Android device that does not support the OTG need to root their Android device, if you are using an older version of android device or tablet you need to download the stickmount app to access the file and root your phone; android or tablet for it to work. You need the stickmount app to read your flash drive.

If your device does not have an inbuilt Es file Explorer, you will have to download it. The older your version is the more likely you will run into the issue. So this feature will work well for Android version with 4.0 upward and you must root your phone for it to work in case you don't know how to root your phone use king root or KingoRoot to root your Android phone. Once you have installed those two apps if you have not downloaded it; do it now.

If you have done that plug one end of the OTG cable to your android device or tablet and connect the USB device to the other end of the cable with USB port after that you will see a stickmount prompt when the USB drive is connected tap OK and then stickmount will make the USB device file accessible.  You must grant the root access to the stickmount app if your phone is not rooted this process will fail – root your phone before doing this if your phone does not support OTG.

After that you will need to agree to both dialogue and select the use by default so you won't see any when next you want to connect your USB drive you will see a notification from stickmount you have successfully mounted the device to under /sdcard/USBstorage.

Now go to your Es file Explorer which you downloaded moment ago or you already have it before open the app and click on the USBstorage folder you will see at least one folder there, click on the folder and you will see your own file inside, you can click on the folder to open –  you can then do whatever you want to do, go to the specific category of your video music and your document, watch movies, play music, view your document.
Move your file around from one folder to another.

After you are through accessing your file, click on the stickmount option in your notification tray to eject (mount) the drive and then disconnect it.
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You will see a notification telling you that stickmount has successfully mounted a drive from your device. You can also connect other USB devices to this OTG cable, you can connect your keyboard, mouse even your modern.