5 Different type of wordpress hosting

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Are you running a wordpress blog and confuse with the different types of wordpress hosting? if Yes, we guide you through as we talk about the definite guide and the 5 best professional wordpress hosting.

You see many web hosting company on the internet today with their different plan for a website or a blog, from a cheap host plan which cost $3 to $5 in some web hosting company to a business plan which cost $700 or more sometimes may be in dedicated plan.

This is a good thing, because you will have a variety of the different web hosting plan to choose from which could suit your need and managed your blog traffic, this hosting of a thing can be confusing for beginner blogger who are just getting started.

So today we will help you through our guide to choose from the best web hosting plan that is just perfect for you.
5 Differnt type of wordpress hosting

We are looking at the different types of wordpress hosting that you can use for your wordpress site or any platform that support hosting. the definite guild to the differnt type of web hosting

As we are looking at the different web hosting there are two major things you need to know about the type of web hosting plan.

The price, you need a good hosting plan, which we be suitable for you, if you are just a beginner i recommend you choose the shared hosting or basic plan since you are yet to generate huge traffic, once you site start generate more traffic you can upgrade you plan.

The performance, you need a good page load time that is able to handle a lot of traffic from your site with causing page break.

These are the two major things you need to know, web hosting company are differ between specific hosting. We now show you the different web hosting plan, but we have to classified them according to their respective plan.

Basic or shared hosting

The cheapest of all the web hosting plan for wordpress user and other blogging platform as well, this plan is met for beginner bloggers who are just getting started and does not have huge traffic from their site, the basic or shared hosting plan is recommended to blogger who just create their site and new to wordpress.

When you see basic, you will think of the beginning and how to start, and when you see shared, you are thought of sharing with others, so the shared hosting mean sharing your web server with another customer who are using the shared hosting too.

So you don't want to shared your server with anyone else you can upgrade any time, why would you want to share your web server with other customers who are also using the shared hosting is because you pay little amount of money, sometimes the money is as low as $3 to $10 per month, but in some web hosting like Bluehost it start at $2.95 per month for the first year only and webhostingpad starting from $1.95 per month special offer, and it is also very easy to use.

I recommend you choose the shared hosting, because it is mostly use by beginners bloggers who are just getting started, and most shared host make it very easy for you to install wordpress with on click, the bad side about shared hosting is that they usually don't offer many advanced features and the performance of your site we be low because of the people who shared the same web server with you, and you are limited to the resources you can use why Basic or shared hosting plan is perfectly good for low traffic site whose page view have not yet increase, once your site start to increase and generate huge monthly page view, you will need to upgrade your plan to a more suitable plan.

If  you are a beginner blogger in wordpress and looking for a hosting company to host your site and you are interesting in shared hosting for a start, here are some share hosting company you can choose from.

Bluehost - Bluehost shared hosting program is cheap easy to use with one click wordpress install, starting from $2.95 per month for basic user.

Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

The VPS hosting is differ from shared hosting company, like an upgrade, the VPS hosting is powerful than the shared hosting. Virtual private server which is also known as VPS, this hosting differs from other type of web hosting, you will get allotment all to yourself. 

Your VPS plan is isolated from other sites on the same server with you, you are still sharing a little space with other user. But the VPS has a few benefits, you will have more control over your server than the shared hosting plan, because your virtual space is private to you alone, you will also no longer share resources, because your site have it own allotment of resources.

They are two type of virtual private server (VPS) manage and the Unmanaged host, the managed help to manages your server for you, if you don't have a technical knowledge you can use this. 

The Unmanaged host requires you to have a networking knowledge because you are the one who is going to manages your server. 

If you are interested in virtual private server (VPS) wordpress hosting, here are some good hosting company to get you started.

Managed wordpress hosting
The wordpress managed hosting plan offer a lot of wordpress feature. Managed wordpress hosting is built on an upgrade technology, that is you can find managed wordpress hosting using shared hosting VPS hosting Dedicated server and cloud hosting.

This type of wordpress hosting is the best for user or are willing to spend more money for more feature like automatic updates, security, expert wordpress support and back-up.

The managed wordpress hosting have a good performances, which is already optimised for wordpress, which mean you can just create content and keep on promoting your site. 

The features of the managed wordpress include, backing up your site, securing your site with firewall, and updating your wordpress software etc. With full expert wordpress support along side with staging sites. 

If you love the managed wordpress hosting and intersting in hosting your site, here are some of the deal on managed wordpress hosting.

Dedicated server

The dedicated server is a good hosting plan but a little expensive, this hosting plan is best for a user with a huge amount of traffic, and you know the more your traffic the more you need to upgrade your plan, and you know your site need good performance for high value traffic, with the dedicated hosting you can get an entire server to your self not to limit yourself like the VPS and share resources (share hosting plan), in the dedicated hosting you will get 100% of server to your self. 

The benefit of the dedicated hosting plan you control the entire server, because you have it all to yourself, the performance will be able to deliver fast page load time. 

There are also two types of the dedicated hosting like the VPS, which are managed and unmanaged. 

The only problem for the dedicated hosting is that it cost a lot of money, the Lowest amount of the dedicated hosting is around $40 per month while the powerful dedicated server is around $300 per month or even more in some hosting company, but it all depend on the hosting company. 

If you are interested in the dedicated hosting plan here are some best hosting company.

Cloud Hosting
They sets the cloud Hosting plans to fit all sizes, Cloud hosting is a different hosting where your site is hosted on the cloud architecture, instead of the specific physical server. 

All wordpress or site owner can host their site here because it’s easy to scale the resources. 

Cloud hosting require a technical knowledge though. You can add or remove resource, you can also find unmanaged cloud hosting providers. With these providers, you’ll be responsible for Managing your server, optimising the performance and resource usage. If you’re interested in cloud WordPress hosting plan here are good hosting company to get you started with.

You can host your site now you can now choose the different type of web hosting for your site.

I hope with what I have share with you, you will have a good understanding about the guide to the different types of web hosting that are available for hosting your site. 

I recommend going with the basic or shared hosting until your site starts generating good traffic. Once you get and increase in traffic, you can consider upgrading to one options above, for your site to perform well you need to upgrade your plan.