Namecheap new shared hosting plan – starting from $2.88

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Namecheap have launch a new shared hosting plan, staring from $2.88 per month the new plan is supercharged, the shared plan is perfect for personal websites, small business and blogs. Namecheap new plan improve their performance and value in any way you are using your website their new plan are there to meet your need and if you intend moving your site to Namecheap  you can as well  migrate your current host to Namecheap for free.

Namecheap-new-shared-hosting-for-$2.88 The new Namecheap shared hosting plan improved performance with this tag;

Pricing ‐ their new basic package starts at just $2.88 per month!
High‐Performances ‐ Namecheap redundant Tier 1‐powered network provides lighting‐fast site loading speeds around the globe
Flexibility ‐ their shared plans are easy to upgrade and downgrade
Security ‐ their servers are among the most secure around
Goodies ‐ each hosting package comes with a free .website domain with free WhoisGuard for 1 year and up to 50 Positive SSL certificates for 1 year.

Get cheap, reliable web hosting from Namecheap. Shared Hurting includes cPanel, Linux, free SSLs, MySQL, PHP and more.



The new Namecheap shared hosting basic plan package "stellar" start from $2.88 per month which can host up to 3 websites it could be your personal website or business website, try this plan, this is what you have been waiting for, all this for just $2.88, try Namecheap now.

Stellar Plus

The new stellar plus plan, which give you and extra boost for more demanding websites you get unmetered storage and bandwidth all for your site, there is no such limit on the number of file you can deliver this is a great plan for resource-intensive sited with higher traffic. It will be just great if your site received huge traffic you should try this plan.

With this plan you can host unlimited domain, all in one, with a better speed and reliability is guarantee with the stellar plus plan.

Namecheap promise to meet the 100% uptime guarantee and if they fail  there we issue account credit, which is a fair deal as the case maybe.

Stellar Business

The stellar business plan is the best shared hosting for your business hosting service, with the stellar business plan you will benefit from fewer users per server, which mean that you have a greater percentage of the server Dedicated to your website.

You will have everything in stellar plus, which are the Unlimited domain, speed guarantee and the 100% uptime as well with a Pure SSD storage which boost the speed at which your site load, you will also benefiting from PCI compliance. Which is necessary security for credit card transactions.

The stellar business plan is good for e-commerce system. If you are not sure which plan to choose here, because things can change you could just go with the stellar basic plan, you can always upgrade and downgrade any time with the shared hosting package as needed. Feel your level of comfortable and adjust things later.

And again using Namecheap as your shared hosting, you'll get more than what you sign-up for as a benefit, besides the free website domain, up to 50 free Positive SSL Certificates and free WhoisGuard for your first year for free, you also get cPanel and WordPress as standard with all Namecheap shared hosting packages, with these options, you can get your website up and running. With cPanel, you can get full control of your website through your web browser, and it allows you to use the Softaculous application, making installing WordPress quick as easy.

Namecheap technology behind their hosting is good. There use the latest Dell server technology, the M1000 Blade. Every component is redundant (meaning all critical components are duplicated, making them fail-safe, from the power supply and network card to the high-speed SAN. This ensures unparalleled performance and reliability.

If you are an existing Shared Hosting Customers with Namecheap you can always choose to upgrade and downgrade your plan.

Why choose Namecheap
  • Guarantee of Quality
  • cPanel WordPress included
  • Free SSL certificates included
  • Latest Dell server technology 
  • Real people to help you 24/7
  • 30 days Money-back guarantee
Everything You Need to Host Your Website at One Place. Get Namecheap Shared Hosting Now!